Enogastronomic experience with wines aged under the sea - Vinos del mar

Discover Cala Joncols Hotel

An old building fitting in to the landscape, surrounded by pine trees, olive groves and all services to be able to enjoy nature

A 100% different experience

Between Roses and Cadaques, Cap de Creus and Cap Norfeu, the wild coast of the Empordà. This is where you will find the Hotel Cala restaurant Jóncols, a desired shipwreck. A nest of tranquility hidden on the Costa Brava

Cala Jóncols

Cala Jóncols is a hotel, a restaurant, a beach bar, a family and so much more! A captivating place where you can lose yourself if you wish. A unique paradise where you can disconnect from the world and return to the essence of things: the earth, the wine, the oil. The ideal spot to revel in an enchanted experience. Our quest for excellence drives us to ensure that our customers find everything they need here. Comfortable rooms, a ranges of services always on hand for guests, a personalized service, cuisine made with the very best ingredients with lovingly prepared dishes to satisfy the most demanding palates, and a broad range of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. That is how we have been doing things since 1955. It is Cala Jóncols’ spectacular setting that makes it so unique. It is the last cove in Roses, sitting just on the municipal border with Cadaqués, in the full glory of the Cap de Creus National Park. An ideal spot for a romantic getaway or a relaxing family break. Come and lose yourself in the cove!

  • Cala Joncols, Naturalment!

  • The sea to the table

  • Sea food

  • Our beach bar

  • An unforgettable day front of the sea

  • unique rooms