First zero waste hotel on the Costa Brava


We have put in place a circular system in which wastewater is treated, filtered and disinfected in our own treatment plant and reused for irrigation.

With the osmosis system, we have well-purified water instantly, fit for human consumption and for all uses. A resource that originates in the cove, km 0, without transport or waste or salinity.

Aware that the best waste is that which is not generated, we have removed the plastic for water containers. Both the ones we serve in the restaurant and the ones that customers can take away.

We avoid all possible trips to minimize CO2 emissions. We have installed a Swedish technology composter, one of the first in Spain in a private establishment that transforms organic waste into manure for the vineyard and garden.

We compact plastic, paper and cardboard packaging to reduce its volume and, thus, facilitate its recycling.

The glass is crushed to optimize transport and reduce the CO2 footprint.

We have removed all possible chemicals. We use hydrolyzed water to clean the spaces. Environmentally friendly, it sterilizes surfaces and is very effective against spores, bacteria and viruses.

As for laundry, we wash it with ozone, which saves a lot of energy, as it makes it possible to wash with cold water.

We have redesigned the garden as a sustainable space of calm and tranquility, with native species that make significant water savings possible. All these facilities allow one to approach zero waste and enjoy the charm of the Cap de Creus Natural Park with the utmost respect for the environment.


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