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Clos Jóncols is a wine from the only vineyard located in the heart of the Cap de Creus natural park, fruit of a love of tradition, culture and the cove of Cala Jóncols.

In 2013, the hotel began a new stage under the guiding hand of Didier Soto. And so began the recovery of an age-old plot made up of terraces and dry stone walls that had laid abandoned after the plague of phylloxera. The plot barely totals a hectare, arranged in geometrically irregular terraces that follow the hillside relief and its 37-degree slopes.

Vi Cala Jóncols
Vi Cala Jóncols

Before this dream could become a reality, however, Juanma sought the advice of some family friends, traditional winegrowers who together totalled up to four centuries of experience.

The goal was to recover more than 2,000 metres of dry stone in a project buffeted by the Tramontana winds on the seacoast.

Vi Cala Jóncols

In 2015, 4000 red grenache grapevines were planted in the hopes of producing a signature wine, a wine with identity. Apart from being a variety well adapted to poor soil conditions, it is also resistant to hot, dry climates, highly versatile and retains good acidity.

Vi Cala Jóncols
Vi Cala Jóncols


The smallest vineyard in Catalonia follows a philosophy where our wine-making is certified organic and follows the principles of biodynamics, where respect, love and the desire to empower a synergy with nature helps us maintain a living environment.



Vi Cala Jóncols
Vi Cala Jóncols


A crucial element is our farm, located in the heart of the vineyard. This is home to our sheep, who help us keep the entire hotel grounds clean, and the vineyard in the winter.

We also raise chickens and keep bees, making for a unique spot just 134 metres from the sea.



The discovery is as surprising as it is delicious, elegant, unique and with character.

Clos Jóncols; a brilliant white wine, full in glass, concentrated in mouth, and a wonderful potential for ageing. Produced from a native grape variety of the Empordà region where we live.

2017 was our first harvest, and when we began our search for a means of wine-making that was a true as possible to this land. Our processes always adhere to the lunar calendar.

Expressed in an intense colour, glow and transparency, in the glass, we find the aroma of white fruit, citrus, fennel, lavender and a wisp of the mid-afternoon sea breeze. In mouth, it is broad, softly and silkily textured, with a fresh, savoury finish reminiscent of Mediterranean spices.

Limited edition, production runs from 1,300 to 1,500 bottles, depending on the vintage.


On the other hand, we have the wine aging project under the sea, Vins del Mar, you can discover all the details in the following button: