The Menu

Welcome to the menu of the Cala Jóncols Restaurant


Our restaurant has a kitchen team specialized in preparing dishes which combine local products with luxury and delicacy without frying ups. Each dish on our menu takes into account every detail so that your palate can enjoy every moment.

Our menu has an extensive list of seasonal dishes, so it changes according to the time of year, the products from the garden, the sea and the corral. Therefore, every time you visit us you will be able to experience new gastronomic specialties: We love surprising you... We are waiting for you!

Seafood cuisine


Fish, fish! A sea of waves on the plate.

Fresh fishWild fish with sea salt. Fish with a drizzle of oil pure virgin olive oil home-grown, grilled, flavored with fine herbs, in the oven…

Fish and meat from healthy grown animals and good land. Km 0 meat (we do not produce it ourselves). Fantasy in the refreshing salads.

Primitive love cuisine directed to the senses of smell, sight, taste and thought.