Chiringuito at the Hotel Cala Jóncols: Music, cocktails and unforgettable moments

Hotel Cala Jóncols

Welcome to a paradisiacal corner on the Costa Brava, where the sea breeze joins music and exquisite flavors. Welcome to the Chiringuito at the Hotel Cala Jóncols: Music, cocktails and unforgettable moments. Our beach bar is much more than a place to have a refreshing drink or enjoy a coffee after eating. It is an oasis of disconnection next to the spectacular Cala Jóncols, where music, good company and an unbeatable view combine to give you an unforgettable experience.


- Cocktails

Can you imagine savoring a signature cocktail designed and prepared by the talented professional Cristian Hornos? At the Chiringuito, this is a reality. Our entire team has been trained by this expert. Get ready to surprise your palate with unique and refreshing mixes that adapt to your tastes and preferences. From reinvented classics to innovative creations, each sip will leave you speechless.

- DJ Sessions and fun

At the Chiringuito, fun is guaranteed with the DJ Sessions starting at 4:30 p.m. While you enjoy the Mediterranean sun, you can move to the rhythm of the music and immerse yourself in the best atmosphere. Dancing from this site will transport you to a state of total happiness ;-) Or, you can do it in a more exclusive way, from one of the private corners of the same beach bar.

- Your Special Moments

If you have a special event in mind, the Chiringuito at the Hotel Cala Jóncols is the ideal place to make it come true. With the possibility of privatizing an area of this space next to the beach, you can create an intimate and exclusive environment to celebrate with your loved ones. Whether it is a birthday party, a gathering of friends or a special occasion, the Chiringuito team will be delighted to help you organize an event that exceeds your expectations.


The best news is that you don't have to be a hotel customer to access the Chiringuito. So, if you are visiting the area or if you are a local resident, do not hesitate to come visit us this summer. Relax on the beach, enjoy the music, savor the delicious cocktails and live this summer from this corner.


The Chiringuito of the Hotel Cala Jóncols: Music, cocktails and unforgettable moments. It is much more than a meeting place. Whether you are looking for fun at DJ concerts, or longing for quiet moments on the beach, this space awaits you with open arms.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments and enjoy the magic of the Chiringuito at the Hotel Cala Jóncols. We are waiting for you to share together this moment that will remain engraved in your heart! More information here.