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Below the Pyrenees, by the sea, is one of the most unique regions in the Mediterranean.

Tuscany's hinterland. Greek island profile. Mixture of nature and culture. Mecca of artists, travelers, sailors and adventurers. Avant-garde of gastronomy, a country rich in traditions, the world capital of surrealism. Figueres, Roses, Cadaqués, Portlligat ... Dalí, oil and wine, Ferran Adrià...

Where, if not here?

Environment Cala Jóncols Empordà
Environment Cala Jóncols Cap Norfeu

Cap Norfeu

To get to Jóncols you have to overcome this arm that goes into the sea as a real protective barrier.

The wall of Norfeu plunges into the water and, when submerged, explodes the greatest of underwater beauties. The islet known as El Gat is a must-see for diving enthusiasts, due to the unique richness of its sea beds. With a bit of luck, you can see some fish that look like mythological creatures: seahorses!

Cap de Creus

The wild tip, the finis terrae where the sea becomes infinite.

In winter, Cap de Creus is hell, the Cap d'Hornos of the Mediterranean; in the summer, it’s a rocky mass with fascinating shapes. The protection it enjoys as a Natural Park does not prevent you from visiting it by land or sea and discovering the coast as it was two thousand years ago. Or more...

Environment Cala Jóncols Cap de Creus
Environment Cala Jóncols Figueres, Roses and Cadaqués

Figueres, Roses and Cadaqués

Figueres, capital of the Empordà, city of shops and museums: Dalí Museum, Toy Museum, Empordà Museum, Technology Museum and many more. On Thursdays there are market, and every day you can enjoy a good coffee on the Rambla.

Roses, the mother of the bay that bears its name, welcomed the first Greek and Roman tourists. The Citadel tells us its history and the new port projects it towards the future. Don't miss the fish market!

Cadaqués... and nothing more, say the inhabitants of this unique town in the world. A nest of art, the main work is its streets, houses and the church. And in Portlligat, the residence of Salvador Dalí.