Company Dinners - Celebrations



Dinners of pleasure and dinners of obligation. With a reservation and adjusting to your needs, we can prepare food for small groups. Specific attention, excellent service, free choice of menu and large selection of wines. We also have available alternative areas for business meetings. Closing of contracts outside the office with good results.

Our job is to look after you.

Celebrations and weddings on the beach



Can you imagine it?

Lover of the sea, lover of the moon, fallen in love with the pair who loves you because you are different. Can you imagine a wedding near the waves! Pines and olive trees, tables and gardens. A personalized service for an exclusive marriage. Weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, family celebrations... Jóncols guarantees you a great party, not to forget.

A unique place for an unforgettable day..

Each event we organize is unique , we offer:

-Ceremony on the beach
- Cocktail "tapas" after the ceremony
-Exquisite local menus-inthe hotel's gardenorpool's garden
 -Professional ServicesPhotography andVideo for Wedding
-Beach Party
- Open Bar
- Live Music
-DJfor the party
- Boat transfer fromRosesandCadaques

For moreinformation, contact with Michael