More Km0 ingredients at Restaurant Cala Jóncols


This season, more than ever before, the cuisine served at Cala Jóncols will bear the hallmark of Km0 ingredients coming from the ecological vegetable patch, the olive groves around the cove, the sea and now, for the first time, from the region’s bee hives. As a new development this year, the restaurant will offer Jóncols honey, thanks to a partnership with the renowned producer based in cala Montjoi, Felip Berta. Each ingredient belongs to its own season. Therefore, guests can enjoy the restaurant’s traditional arròs caldós (rice broth), with freshly-picked asparagus, dress their salads with oil from the olive trees in the Jóncols garden, savour the freshest fish just caught in the cove, and drizzle their desserts with honey from bees that pollinate the region’s flowers. All washed down with local wine with the Empordà Designation of Origin, of course. At Cala Jóncols, diners will find cuisine made with the very best ingredients and dishes prepared with the greatest of care, combining innovation and tradition, to delight even the most demanding palates.