Meet chef Morgan


Morgan Amadou Gaye is, like every member of our staff, a key professional in Hotel Cala Jóncols. He is the chief of the kitchen and has the responsibility of turning the stay of our clients into an experience also gastronomic.

The culinary legacy of Rosario

He is the heir of the mastery of Rosario Fernandez, matriarch and co-founder of the business. He received from Rosario her recipes, her secrets and her deep knowledge about cooking rice and our traditional dishes: paella, fideuá, squid ink rice, melted rice... To inherit the kitchen of a restaurant that is wellknown for its paellas and fideuás can be a curse for some cooks. But Morgan not only has followed Rosario’s steps but has gone further and has opened the menu to the contemporary and international culinary languages.

Tracking the great masters

After his education in restaurants in France, Germany, Basque Country and Catalunya, and working under the command of well-known chiefs as Paco Pérez, Joan Roca or Arzak, Morgan faces self-confident and with illusion the most difficult challenges that turn up in our restaurant: organization, discipline, leadership, talent management, skills improvement, innovation in the menu, creativity in the services, the quality of the ingredients, and a long etc. that the food lovers can guess.

Beyond paella

Morgan offers a lively, balanced menu that shows a very marine and essentially Mediterranean character, but including also what we call his divertimento, which is the result of the joyful and playful way that he combines flavours and textures. So we can find in the menu salmon marinated in coffee, beef filet (from Girona cows) in its sauce and purée of Topinambu, cannelloni stuffed with Roses’s lobsters and algae, or eggs  with figs meringue, homemade sobrasada and Iberian ham.

The goal that the chief Morgan pursues is to instil the Mediterranean values in a menu made of local products (meat from Girona, fish from Roses, vegetables of our own garden, olive oil of our olive trees, underwater wines of our underwater cellar), without giving up the graceful touch of pure creative freedom that the exotic ingredients bring to his experiments.

Gastronomic experiences in the Hotel Cala Jóncols

Our wish is that your stay in our hotel leads you to deeply connect with the pleasure of living by means of enjoying rest, mindfulness, nature, silence and listen to the body. Of course, the pleasure of a good meal is part of it.

Come to enjoy a gastronomic experience in the most remote hotel of Cap de Creus. Check our à la carte menu and bring yourself to accompany your choice with some of our Underwater Wines.

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