Live concerts in the Cala Joncols 2018


We are neither doctors nor therapists, but we know something about enjoying slow life. That's why we share a few very personal tips to enjoy a great summertime:

  • Have sea baths. They are always healthy.
  • Sunbathe carefully, if possible, just 15 minutes in the morning to help the body to get the vitamin D. The rest of the day: look for shade! Do not get yourself roasted in the sun, you’ve been told thousands of times that it is not good.
  • Get hydrated, eat slightly and good quality food.
  • If you fancy an ice cream, try to get a homemade one that will give you good quality proteins. By the way, did you know that our ice creams are made by our Chief Morgan?
  • Get mental rest, live outdoors, do aerobic activities, try to get away from screens for a while.
  • Get surrounded by people who respects you. Respect yourself and allow people around you to love you.

TO SUM UP: Come to Cala Joncols to enjoy the beach and drop by in our beach bar, take a homemade ice cream or any of our good quality tapas, while we offer a live music concert.  You see, we have programmed for you your best day of the week.

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, from July until September there will be a concert in the Hotel Cala Joncols Beach Bar. Here you can check the program, come!