Hotel Cala Jóncols

Discover the Cap de Creus Natural Park the second week of December with a fantastic range of activities at a price you will love!

You're thinking: What? How? How much? Where? If you want to know all the details, keep reading. We promise to be clear and direct ;-)



What does this proposal include?

  • 2 nights at Hotel Cala Jóncols during the 2nd week of December for 2 people (this is the minimum! If you want to stay more nights, we will be happy to accommodate you on this unique occasion).
  • Half board (drinks not included).
  • 1 big breakfast and 1 different cheeses tasting.
  • Room with sea views.
  • 3 activities to discover the Natural Park of Cap de Creus with an accredited guide.

How will this experience be carried out?

The stay will be based on three activities which we have prepared for you to contemplate this time of the year from a new perspective: the first activity is related to the sunrise in the middle of Cap de Creus accompanied by a country breakfast. We continue with the second activity, a tasting of artisan cheeses at your leisure. And finally, a guided kayak trip in the middle of crystal-clear waters. Paradoxically, this time of year often offers the best conditions for getting to know the calm sea.

Read more details about the activities here.

How much does this special package for the December long weekend cost?

The usual price which includes everything mentioned above is 450€ all inclusive for two people. BUT this time you can enjoy it at a cheaper price. If you want to see the discount click here.

Where can you find us?

In the surroundings of the hotel Cala Jóncols. What does this mean? Living for a few days in a paradise of sustainability, peace and living nature. Yes, winter is also very authentic from our house, let it surprise you and come and discover it!

If you have any questions you can contact us directly or read more information by clicking here.