Hotel Cala Jóncols

Summer is the time when time seems to speed up and pass too quickly. That is why the activities in Cala Jóncols help you to disconnect from the daily stress and squeeze every minute out of the clock.

Are you more into the sea? The mountains? Gastronomy? Music? Adventure? Relaxation? Or maybe a bit of everything? At Hotel Cala Jóncols we are committed to the last one: "a bit of everything"! The extensive list of activities we offer here is designed to make the most of every corner that Mother Nature has to offer, with all your senses:

  • Diving: A diving centre between Roses and Cadaqués. Privileged dives, the most beautiful corner of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus.
  • Kayak and Paddle: Discover the small inaccessible corners of Cap de Creus and its surroundings on foot!
  • Wellness & Spa: A space for relaxation where you can connect directly with nature.
  • Cala Jóncols Restaurant: A cuisine awarded with the G'O (Gastronomy of Origin) seal, as all the cuisine is prepared with fresh products of the day.
  • Sea Wine Tasting: Come and find out how the wines we age in the depths of the Bay of Roses have evolved, guided by a sommelier!
  • Catering on board: We serve the menu of the day from our restaurant on board your boat!
  • Boat trip
  • Cocktails with music at the Xiringuito of Cala Jóncols

... And much more!

Each of these experiences is part of an unforgettable SUMMER. Because yes, there are moments and pleasures which mean everything at this time of year. And without them, the sensations would not be the same. And, right now, we are sure that one of them has come to your mind: that moment that makes you vibrate loudly. In company. Or without. But with that spark of happiness that seems to last forever.

In short, we want to transmit this to you with the activities at Cala Jóncols! Or if you want to book directly click here.

*Remember that, during the months of restrictions in the Parc Natural del Cap de Creus, you will be able to access the hotel with the certificate that we will provide you once you have made the booking. No worries!