A room in Jóncols, a temporary residence and the clock that stops.

The hotel

Designed by renowned designer Elena Ruiz:

Open the window, you will see the landscape enter the room

Close the window, you will feel how the sound of the sea waves is filtered. This happens only 34 times each day. Thirty-one rooms that break the usual massification. If you prefer a suite, you will touch both the sky and the pebbles of the beach. Sea suite, white and minimalist architecture.

A room in Jóncols, temporary residence and the time stops.

There are several ways to enjoy the magic of Cala Jóncols:

In the hotel itself, designed by renowned designer Elena Ruiz.

In a double room with a terrace overlooking the bay of Cala Jóncols and air conditioning –without television or telephone to be able to disconnect from reality– or in a double room with air conditioning overlooking the smallest vineyard in Catalonia –a vineyard recovered from a local variety in the area.

A junior suite with a large private terrace and its own “sunbeds” to enjoy the warmth of the sun and stunning views of Jóncols Bay.

Or a simple room with a small hall to relax and the only one with TV for the client who wants to know about the outside world; probably one of the best rooms in Cala Jóncols.