On the southern hillside of the Pyrenees, on the sea shore, one of the most singular regions of the Mediterranean.
The interior of Toscana. Profile of the Greek island. Mixture of nature and culture. Mecca for Artists, seafaring travellers, adventurers. Vanguard of gastronomy, traditional country and, at the same time, world capital of surrealism. Figueres, Roses, Cadaqués, Portlligat… Dalí, Ferran Adrian the oil and the good wine…
Where, if not here?


Cap de Creus
The wild point, The finis terrae where the sea rises forever.
In winter, Cabo Creus is an abyss, tempest, Cabo de Hornos of the Mediterranean. In summer, the erect rock acquires fascinating forms. As a Natural Park it enjoys a special protection. This doesn’t obstruct the view by land or by sea, to discover the coast as it really was two thousand years ago. Or more…


Cap Norfeu
To arrive at Jóncols it is necessary to go over this arm which penetrates deep into the sea like a real protection barrier.
The wall of Orfeo falls vertically and, after submerging, the most beautiful underwater sights. The small island known as El Gat – the cat, because of its feline structure obligates one to lay their anchor. The lovers of diving appreciate the unique richness of the depths. With luck one can observe mythological looking creatures like those taken from the name of the cape: Sea horses!


Figueres, Roses y Cadaqués
Figueres, capital of l’Empordà, town of shops and museums: Dalí Museum, Toy Museum, L’Émpordà museum, Technical Museum… On Thursdays, market, and everyday, a nice coffee in the Rambla.
Roses, mother of the bay with the same name, took in the first Greek and Roman tourists. The Old Walled City relates its history and the modern harbour projects the village towards to future. Oh, the fishermen’s wharf!
Cadaqués… and nothing more, say the locals. Full of artists, its main charm rests in each street, its houses, the church. And in Portlligat, the Dalí residence.